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5 Things to Consider When Listing Your Home For Sale

With a hot home sales market, more people are considering selling their homes. There is no doubt this has been one of the biggest seller’s markets we have seen in some time. When you are considering listing your home for sale there are some initial considerations you should make before you are ready to list.

Choose a Real Estate Agent to represent you.

Often, in a hot sales market, it can be tempting to try to do a For Sale By Owner transaction, although we highly recommend that you seek a Real Estate Agent you can trust. Of course, we would love to represent you as your professional agent, however, we understand that you may have affiliations with a current team that you can work well with. A good Real Estate Agent is going to do a good comparative analysis and lists your home at the correct price. A great team will then market your property through the many vehicles online to show people your home for sale.
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Curb Appeal

Is Curb Appeal important? You better believe it! Unfortunately, people do “judge a book by its cover,” so you want to have an attractive cover. Small fixes or updates can mean a lot when people are viewing the home for a prospective tour.


Where should you DeClutter the home? Everywhere. Clutter is a large distraction when selling a home. Photographs of the home should show a tidy, spacious home with no clutter. Clutter should be dealt with in every area of the home from closets to bedrooms, kitchens, garages, and yards.

Remove Personal Items

One of your main goals as you prepare to sell your home is to have those who tour the home be able to visualize themselves living there. Remove all personal items. Remove Photographs, trinkets, baskets, and any items that lend to you personally. This will help the new owners as they begin to consider living in their new home.

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is often a great idea for giving your home that clean and ready to be moved in to look and feel. It is often recommended that you use neutral colors in order to be friendly to all that may tour the home. Consult your Real Estate Agent and other professionals on what would be best for your home.