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Selling Your Pigeon Forge Home?

Selling your Pigeon Forge home can be a great idea in the seller’s market we are currently in. If you have considered selling your Pigeon Forge home, we offer these thoughts or considerations about the home sale. As your representative, we would walk through the home with you with this list of items to have in the forefront of our planning as we begin to list your home for sale.

Price the Home Right
It is terribly important that you have a professional market analysis done and get your price from your real estate agent after carefully completing this analysis.
Empty Closets
Empty closets so they are partially empty and neatly organized, giving the impression of plenty of storage.
Light Up the Home
Lighting is important. Be sure the house is well lit.
Keep Pets Concealed
You may think all potential homeowners will love your pet. But, you may be wrong.
Take Care of Quick Fixes
Fix the doorknobs, leaks, safety items, and other little fixes that make the house tidy and safe.
Kitchens Rule
The kitchen is where most people gather and so it is likely to be the #1 people look at. Be sure it is tour-friendly.
Clean, Clean, Clean
Professional cleaning is recommended. Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness when new homeowners are home hunting.
Show Ready
This can be difficult, but be ready to show the home at any time. Do not limit showings. Be ready.
First Impressions
The first impression is the only impression. The market is moving fast. Be ready before you list the home.

Our professional team will work with you each step of the way from the walk-through and market analysis to the Sold sign on the For Sale Sign the All-Pro Group is your best choice for getting your home sold.