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Selling Your Smoky Mountain Property In 2022

Are you looking to sell a Smoky Mountain property in 2022? While we always feel a little sad to see our neighbors go, All Pro is always as ready to help them move out of the Smokies as we are to help those move in. If a new year is bringing changes to your life and your need to find new horizons beyond the Smokies, then our real estate experts at All Pro will be more than happy to help.

2022 is definitely a seller’s market. Winter home sales are a hotly demanded commodity in the region and prices for it are some of the most premium we’ve seen in some time. The combination of the COVID complications plus the staggering amount of tourism Sevier County has seen in the latter half of 2021 means that the value of many properties have tripled or more in the last 5 years alone. Retirees, investors, families, couples, singles and more are all seeking properties in the Smokies now, they will in the Spring, they will in the Summer and they will a full year from today and beyond; your home and property are heavily in demand and can make a wonderful opportunity come to life selling it through All Pro’s professional real estate services!

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